1. It took a while, but people say to save the best for last. 

    Here’s our video recap on the finale race in Putrajaya.

    Share it out and hopefully we see you again next year.

  2. Here is Pestle And Mortar Clothing’s take on the final race in Putrajaya. Thank you so much for supporting us and a big shout out to Hugh and Susan. Check out their blog for an entry about TriCity Criterium here.

  3. Thank you Nafie for an awesome recap video. 

  4. If you’ve 52 minutes to spare, have a look at the full length race video courtesy of Pedalgasm. Video is recorded on a GoPro Hero 3 mounted on Apis J’s Colossi track bike. 

  5. TRI CITY CRIT 2013 - Photoset 02

    As promised here are the second photoset. Look at that all intense faces during the race. 


    1. Faz Adhili

    2. Asyraf Misnan

    3. Mior Amir

    Big thanks to Efendy Mesebah for the great shots and amazing moments.

    We want to say thank you to all the participants, supporters, spectators and most graciously our sponsors including Pestle &  Mortar for coming down and watching/documenting the event and supporting our scene in a very humble way. The event was a blast and well received and we hope that the next year TCC would be another big hit.

    Check this space for official and non-official videos!

  6. TRI CITY CRIT 2013 - Photoset 01

    Our good photographer friend Efendy Mesebah delivered us amazing shots from the Final event last Saturday in Putrajaya! Stay tune for the Photoset 02 on the next post.

  7. Route preview is out!


    DATE: 29.06.2013

    TIME: 9PM


    See you there!

  8. Here ye go! Final addition to this remarkable criterium event is Bern Unlimited Malaysia and friends at Wheel Love Skate Shop. Get your training up and running as there only few days left for the final!

  9. With collected footages from 3 cities, shot by friends, we humbly present to you the video recap for Tri City Criterium from Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur and Penang. 

    We can’t wait for the final happening on the 29th. Keep your eyes glued to this site for updates.

  10. This is it! The final race. Its happening on 29th of June 2013 in Putrajaya. Flags off approx. 10pm. Everyone is invited and its free to come and cheer for you favourite riders. There’ll be some cool stuffs from some of our sponsors gonna be sold during the race night so bring extra cash and get their merch! See you guys there!